Raymond Crews   Candidate for Louisiana House of Representatives District 8

Raymond Crews

Candidate for Louisiana House of Representatives District 8

Foundational Principles

I am a Christian conservative, in matters both social and fiscal. I believe in the right-to-life starting at conception. I support the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution. I believe in religious freedom. I believe our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and that the rights recognized in the Constitution are a result of that heritage. Being an American presupposes the recognition of those rights and the acknowledgement of the inherent dignity of each human being. 


United States Air Force:  9 years
Laughlin AFB, TX
Castle AFB, CA
Carswell AFB, TX
Minot AFB, ND
Barksdale AFB, LA
- Combat operations in Iraq

Unites States Air Force Reserve: 8 years
Barksdale AFB, LA
Combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

Airline Pilot: 17 years
B-727, DC-9, A-320

Small Business Owner
Energy/Building Performance
Aerial Mapping Services


First Bossier
Past Chairman of Deacons
Sunday School Teacher

DiAMC (Diabetes Assessment & Management Centers)
Provider and Community Liaison
Advisory Board Member

Bossier Parish Resident and Homeowner
20 years


Married to Dianah, Chemist; Science Teacher

Two Children, Caitlin (16) and Joshua (14)


Texas A&M University
Degree in Computer Science



Continue to fight for individual rights, starting at conception.


Defend the right to bear arms.

Fair Capital Outlay

Fight for a fair allocation of resources to NWLA.

Small Government

Prevent the adoption of any new taxes.

Jobs and the Economy

Promote a better business climate to bring quality jobs to our area. 

National Security

Supporting our troops, building a strong military, and strengthen our cyber security infrastructure.